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Steve Reeves Diet and Workout

steve reeves diet
Steve Reeves was a popular body builder in the past and although it’s in the past, his body is still hard to beat up until now. This probably the result of the infamous steve reeves diet that is still followed by many people. Unlike other types of body building diets in which the focus is on high protein foods, Steve still ate other nutrition too and succeeded in maintaining his body. He also had a three times meal plan which is different from the current 6 to 7 days meal plan. To try his diet, keep reading this article.

Steve Reeves Diet and Workout Routine

Steve Reeves’ meal each day is always started with a power drink that he invented himself. The power drink is the mix of 14 ounces of fresh orange juice squeezed directly from the fruit (not the carton kind), a tablespoon each for honey and Knox gelatin, a banana, raw eggs at least two (choose the pasteurized ones), and 2 tablespoons of high protein powder (Self-made by Steve Reeves). As for lunch, he ate solid foods like 2 fruits and a cottage cheese along with raisins and nuts. Lastly, for lunch he had salad and steak. The key to Steve Reeves’ meal plan is to keep everything balanced. For the workout routine, Steve Reeves always stated that he chose 3 times a week workout. He decided not to overdo it as he found this three times plan was effective enough. He also stressed the importance of sufficient rest as for him no supplements can replace the result of a good night sleep. Reeves also said that it’s important to set the goal on every workout so that you don’t train in vain. All in all, planning is very crucial if you want to follow Steve Reeves’ workout. This, of course, is accompanies by steve reeves diet.   The wonderful images below is other parts of Steve Reeves Diet and Workout content which is classed as within Athletes. Posted on Wed - Oct 09, 2013 : 11:33. Clik other picture in gallery to see other picture about Steve Reeves Diet and Workout.

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